Airplane passengers artificial respiration for a patient with the virus, in an attempt to save him
A video of plane passengers ventilating a patient with the virus in an attempt to save him

A video clip published by The Daily Mail, Monday, December 21, 2020, showed a desperate battle fought by the passengers of Flight 591 on an aircraft. To save the life of a man who lost consciousness while traveling on a flight from Orlando to Los Angeles.

The passengers saw the man on board shivering, sweating, and having difficulty breathing even before the flight took off, but as soon as Flight 591 took off, his condition rapidly deteriorated so that the pilot decided to make an emergency landing. To treat the man.

The report indicated that, fortunately, there were three specialists trained in artificial respiration, onboard, as they risked putting themselves at risk of catching the Coronavirus through infection, but that was to help the man.

While, despite the passengers’ attempts to help the man, the heart of the passenger who was in seat 28D stopped breathing after about an hour on the flight, as three people appeared in the televised footage pressing on the man’s chest to save him, but to no avail, until the man died after that…

However, paramedics from the New Orleans Fire Department were allowed to board the plane after it landed to save the man, but the man’s wife told all passengers that her husband had been showing symptoms of the Coronavirus during the past week after he lost his sense of taste and smell.

But the man’s serious condition worsened on the plane so that the passengers could hear the sound of the leg’s bones being broken during the ventilator.

Meanwhile, the report said, Mr. I can go ahead and help with chest compressions. And that’s how it all began. ”

Resuscitation attempts lasted about an hour, and the three men, trained in artificial respiration, maintained their balance in the aisle as the plane descended.

Aldaba added, “We supported each other during the landing, besides the performance of the pilots was great and the landing process was as smooth as possible, and to be honest, it was smoother than many of the flights I was on, in addition to the flight attendants notifying us moment by moment about the landing.” Its approximate date, and let us know when we must prepare. ”

The report also said that the authorities required all passengers to report whether they had contracted Corona infection or not, but after the passenger was disembarked in New Orleans, workers cleaned the seat, and then the Boeing 737-900, which can accommodate 179 people, set off for Los Angeles.



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