Florida began voting in person for the election early Tuesday, with voters standing in long lines to cast their ballots and choosing between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and US President Donald Trump.

According to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, Florida may be the key to re-electing President Donald Trump, as it is one of the top ten major states for US presidential candidates.

From the Florida election headquarters

Joe Biden had a noticeable advantage among Florida voters until recently, before the press leaks revealed by the New York Post, where it published emails linked to a foreign intelligence operation trying to influence the American elections and showed a meeting between Joe and Vadim Pozharsky, an advisor to the gas company In Ukraine, where Hunter Biden served as a member of the board of directors, the parties concerned deny this meeting.

After the release of this evidence, Joe Biden’s approval ratings declined in the state of particular importance in the US election, as the average polls of Real Clear Politics showed that Democratic candidate Joe Biden was just 1.4% ahead of Trump.

From the Florida election headquarters 1

Florida has 29 electoral votes, so it is a crucial state for both candidates, but especially for Trump, as his loss would make it nearly impossible for him to garner 270 electoral votes, which is the number required to go to the White House.

Florida has 2.5 million voters, and Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the state by 113,000 votes.


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