Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Two days after the violence that engulfed the Capitol and shook America and shocked the world, Donald Trump’s presidency appears to be on the verge of collapse.

Calls for resignation and plans for measures to isolate a torrent of criticism of a president accused of undermining institutions and adding fuel to the fire.

Twelve days before his term ends, Donald Trump has been largely isolated in the White House and lonely.

And the outgoing US President announced in a brief tweet Friday that he would not attend the inauguration of Joe Biden as president.

“To everyone who asked, I will not attend the inauguration on January 20,” Trump wrote.

In a video message posted on Thursday evening, he finally acknowledged his defeat, although he never mentioned President-elect Joe Biden or even congratulated him.

In this video aimed at trying to save the end of his term, he also denounced a “despicable attack” on the Capitol, but without mentioning his responsibility in this tragedy that affected America’s image all over the world.

The outgoing Republican president said he was “indignant at the acts of violence” committed by hundreds of his supporters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday.

He added, “We have just lived through very difficult elections and feelings are still high, but we should be calm.”

But a number of Democratic and Republican officials unanimously said that his message came late, while his close team and government resigned.

Leave to Maralago
Some of his critics believe the easiest way is for the 45th president to shut up and let Vice President Mike Pence take office de facto until January 20, when Joe Biden is sworn in.

Former Homeland Security Secretary J Johnson believes that anyone with little influence on Donald Trump should send him a simple message: “Get on Air Force One, go to Maralago and stay there.”

Republican Senator Ben Sassi said in an interview with “NPR” radio: “The fewer things he did in the last 12 days, the better,” adding, “Donald Trump has lied to the Americans and the lies have repercussions.”

The Wall Street Journal, owned by businessman Rupert Murdoch, who has been an ally of Trump, called in an editorial for the outgoing president to assume his responsibilities and resign. “It will be better for everyone, including himself if he is gone quietly,” she wrote.

From his stronghold in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden assumed without waiting for the role of the leader assigned to heal America’s divided wounds, saying that it “lived one of the darkest days” in its history.

He added that Donald Trump “intensified attacks” four years ago on American democratic institutions in the last four years, and this campaign reached its “climax” on Wednesday.

Senior Democratic Party officials urged Mike Pence to declare with a majority of cabinet members that Donald Trump is “unfit” to take office, based on the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution.

But Pence does not endorse this for fear it would exacerbate the tension, a close associate of him told the New York Times.

Removal from office
On the other hand, Congress can trigger the removal from office. A group of Democratic members of the US House of Representatives is preparing to introduce “impeachment” measures. The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said that “what happened in the Capitol constituted a revolt against the United States at the instigation of the President.”

He stressed, “The president should not stay in office for even one day anymore.”

For her part, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said that the removal of Donald Trump “is an urgent matter of the utmost importance.”

In a tweet posted on Friday morning, Trump did not address calls for his resignation, but stressed that “the 75 million great patriots who voted for him will have a tremendous voice in the future,” adding, “They will not be treated in any way in an unfair way.”

Pictures taken inside the ancient, historic building showed members of Congress wearing gas masks, police officers branding their weapons, and demonstrators occupying parliamentarians’ offices. One of the assailants and a police officer were killed in the violence.

According to the media, 5 other people also died, in circumstances that are not yet clear.

These scenes shocked the world and caused great damage to the reputation of the United States and its image as a model of democracy.

Capitol Police Chief Stephen Sunde has resigned after being criticized for managing the situation. And the judiciary proceeded to track down those responsible for the storming.

Federal Attorney-General Mike Sherwin in Washington said that 55 judicial procedures were launched within 36 hours, and confirmed, “This is just the beginning,” adding that hundreds of employees are tracking social media to identify the participants in the process.

The restlessness is evident within the Republican Party, the Trump government, and his administration team.

His extremist behavior has alienated a portion of his camp. Education ministers Betsy DeVos and Transportation Secretary Eileen Chau have resigned.

“It cannot be denied that your speech had an impact on the situation, and this was a turning point for me,” DeVos said in a letter addressed to Donald Trump.

And Mick Malvani, the US envoy to Northern Ireland, also resigned and said in an interview with “CNBC”, “I cannot stay after what happened yesterday (Wednesday).”

Several members of the National Security Council also announced their resignations. Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, who is close to Trump, expressed concern about this bleeding and urged them “to stay. We need you more than ever.”

Joe Biden takes power at a difficult stage in American history, but he will enjoy almost absolute powers for at least two years due to the Democrats’ control of both houses of Congress.



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