Donald Trump account Twitter
Donald Trump account Twitter

The ring tightens around Donald Trump, who was prevented by social media one after another from using, most recently Twitter, his main means of communication, who permanently suspended his account on Friday, two days after the violence carried out by his supporters as they stormed the Capitol building for hours.

Late Friday, Twitter banned US President Donald Trump from writing tweets through the official account dedicated to the President of the United States of America (@Potos). Shortly after Twitter suspended Trump’s personal account (@Real Donald Trump), the outgoing Republican president tweeted using the official account of US President @Photos (the word Potosí is an acronym for the term US President in English). However, the Tweets were quickly deleted.

Trump created my personal account on Twitter in 2009 and used it extensively to become the forty-fifth president of the United States, and even the platform’s decision to suspend his account Trump tweeted more than 57,000 tweets.

Twitter told AFP that “using another account to try to circumvent” an account that was previously suspended is “against our rules.” The website stated that accounts belonging to government agencies, such as the @ Potos and @ Whitehouse accounts (which is the account for the White House), “will not be permanently suspended, but we will take measures to limit” the ability to use them.

Earlier Friday, Trump accused Twitter of plotting to “silence him” after the site suspended his personal account “permanently.” Trump wrote on @Potos: “Twitter has gone further in banning freedom of expression.

This evening, Twitter employees coordinated with Democrats and the Radical Left to remove my account from their platform to silence me – and you (you are in all caps) the 75 million great patriots who voted for me. ”Friday Twitter“ permanently ”suspended Trump’s personal account, speaking of the dangers of getting “New incitement to violence” by the outgoing US President, two days after the riots carried out by a number of his supporters who stormed the Capitol building for several hours.

Facebook and other sites such as Snapchat or Twitch had also suspended the accounts of the outgoing president for an indefinite period. But with more than 88 million followers, Twitter has been Trump’s favorite platform for making political announcements, attacking the media, or insulting his opponents on a daily basis.

“After carefully reviewing the tweets (posted on Trump’s official account) and for the current context (…) we suspended the account permanently due to the risk of further incitement to violence” by the outgoing US president, the site said in a statement.

On Wednesday, Twitter blocked Trump’s tweets, froze his account for 12 hours, and threatened to permanently close this account if the outgoing president continued to violate the rules of use related to civil integrity, in unprecedented measures that the social networking site resorted to after the violence witnessed by the Capitol. For his part, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced Thursday that Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram will remain banned indefinitely and for “at least two weeks,” as supporters of the outgoing president stormed the Capitol.

“We consider that allowing the president to continue using our services during this period carries a very high risk,” Zuckerberg said in a post on his Facebook account. On Thursday, the photo-sharing platform, Snapchat, said it had also blocked Trump’s account due to concerns about his inflammatory rhetoric.

The United States has not yet recovered from the horror of the events that took place Wednesday inside the ancient Capitol Building in Washington, when a crowd of protesters waving flags, some of which was written “Trump President”, stormed the security barriers in front of the Congress headquarters and went to the building ruined and entered the halls and took pictures of them In it, echoing what Trump says that the presidential elections are rigged.

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