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When you check-in at the reception

There is little doubt that hotels are looking to welcome guests again within the post-Coronavirus period, but your next stay in one in each of them may look a touch different from what you want to know, as measures to boost hygiene and reduce closeness became among their priorities.

The future of hotels

In a report published by “Reader’s Digest” magazine in its Australian edition, writer Anne Fritz said that travel and tourism were among the sectors most laid low with the lockdown measures imposed to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus round the world.
By some estimates, global losses of this industry are expected to be around $ 1.2 trillion.

reception desk

The more people you communicate with, the more likely you’re to exchange germs, so it’s expected that the standard front-desk check-in method is going to be abandoned, and instead more hotels will promote the smartphone check-in method, which is already approved in 3,200 hotels from the hotel chain. Marriott around the world, also as from the InterContinental Hotels Group and Hayat.

This technology will spread more and more shortly. And if you log in at the reception, you’ll find a glass wall separating you and also the hotel employee, just like the one found in banks.

Key cards

Besides logging in together with your smartphone, you’ll even be ready to use it as a key to unlock your room door. These “smart switches” are already in use at some Disney resorts, Marriott Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, and Hyatt hotels through proprietary applications.

Hotel capacity

Just like restaurants, hotels will limit their capacity for a few times in light of the pandemic.
Large amounts of shampoo and conditioner
Once inside the area, you may notice that it’s very different from what it absolutely was within the past because the oversized shampoo and conditioner bottles are phased out and replaced with small shampoo bottles, which can reappear after slowly disappearing from the hotels.

In-room coffee makers and mini-fridge

According to a report by The Points Guy, hotels aim to cut back the quantity of “touchpoints,” which are surfaces that guests frequently touch, so it’s likely to get rid of coffee makers and mini-fridges from rooms.

Complimentary coffee disappeared within the reception hall

On top of the above, the free self-service cocktail table that was around early within the morning will likely disappear from the room.

This is because it increases the likelihood of touching identical items by different people, like the lever on the coffee dispenser while filling your mug and also the jug handle while pouring the milk. the identical applies to water or lemonade coolers.

Discount hours disappear

Kimpton hotels, specifically, are famous for his or her nightly discount hours, when guests are encouraged to enjoy free drinks within the lounge, but in an era of social distancing, this kind of gathering is not any longer acceptable in hotels.

Self-service canteen

The self-service canteen has the common utensils employed by the guests that are usually not clean enough, and today, with the Covid-19 crisis, their use is banned.
Instead, you see a waiter wearing a mask and gloves standing behind the canteen table waiting to serve you scrambled eggs and sliced fruit.

Overcrowded swimming pools

The good news is that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there’s no evidence that Covid-19 can spread within the pool as long because it is under proper maintenance, but the encircling area is another problem.

This situation prompts some hotels to limit the number of guests around their swimming pools by reducing the number of deck chairs and pushing umbrellas and chairs apart on the beach. in step with Karen Witt, vice chairman of selling at The Palms, “there is a rise in demand for pool cabins, which give privacy for families or small groups and can keep them safe from others.”

Paper bills

Since hotels minimize interaction between staff and guests, the hotel may advise you to self-checkout online or via the hotel app.

This means no more outlays of paper bills upon checkout, and you’ll see copies of invoices that will be available online and via e-mail.

Sterilization in keeping with hospital standards

Among the new changes, we’ll notice is that the increase in cleaning and sterilization procedures. for instance, Marriott said, “It is stressing strict cleaning procedures for communal spaces that need disinfecting surfaces following hospital standards and with an increasing frequency. additionally to the utilization of disinfectants in guest rooms.”

High-tech cleaning procedures

You can expect to determine more robots that eliminate germs, like those at the Westin Houston eye, which is that the first and only hotel within the us that currently owns this technology, in line with the “Point Guy” website, as robots eliminate germs through technology UV.

Marriott hotels are experimenting with electrostatic spray technology to quickly clean guest rooms, lobbies, and fitness centers, additionally to using the disinfectants recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Source: Australian Press


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