A woman suspected in the case of trying to poison Trump
Donald Trump

An American newspaper revealed new details in the incident of seizing a parcel containing the toxin ricin that was directed at US President Donald Trump and was intercepted by law enforcement authorities.

“The New York Times” quoted a law enforcement official as saying that investigators believed that the letters were sent from Canada and identified a woman – they did not name her – as a suspect.

He pointed out that the letters containing the lethal ricin were sent through the postal system to the White House and a detention facility and the office of a police chief in Texas.

A second official said they seized the envelope sent to the White House at an off-site final processing facility where mail is being checked before it is sent to the White House mailroom.

Meanwhile, investigators are trying to determine whether other parcels containing the toxin have been distributed through the postal system.

The Postal Service checks mail destined for the White House and other federal agencies in the Washington area, and mail is sorted at a facility that takes air samples for suspicious materials.

And the network, “CNN” America, on Saturday, to conduct two tests to confirm the presence of ricin. Sorting and vetting all White House mail.


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