Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

A US court issued a ruling requiring US intelligence diviner Edward Snowden to pay the US government the $ 5.2 million he received for his memoirs.

According to the court ruling, Snowden must transfer to the US authorities the aforementioned amount plus any proceeds from the sales of his book, as well as his income from 56 speeches Snowden gave publicly.

The US Department of Justice considered Snowden’s returns illegal, as he violated his obligations before US government agencies, noting that this case is not related to the other case, in which Snowden is accused of disclosing confidential information.

It is noteworthy that the former employee of the US National Security Agency, Edward Snowden, provided to reporters in 2013 information about secret US programs for eavesdropping and collecting Internet user data.

Snowden settled in Russia, where he obtained temporary residency, to escape US prosecution.

And in 2019 the former CIA employee published a book of memories called “Permanent Record.”


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