A Russian mannequin stabbed her husband

The Unified Media Office of the Courts said: “Lilia Sudakova Russian, who works in PhotoModel, confessed before the court to killing her husband with a knife stab, after which he died in hospital.”

“Sudakova was charged with murder and she confessed her guilt,” the media office said, and based on that, the court decided to arrest her until January 28, 2021, according to (Russia Today).

The police had learned of the occurrence of this crime on the 28th of last November from a report received by doctors who took the victim to the hospital, where he died the next day.

Based on that, the police arrested his wife (25 years), who lives in Moscow province and works as a fashion model, and she previously worked for some famous magazines, and it became clear later that she stabbed him with a knife out of jealousy.

She was charged under Article 111 of the Russian Penal Code for “intentionally inflicting serious bodily harm that leads to the death of the victim due to negligence, and faces a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.