donald trump
Donald trump
The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper reported that an appeals court in Pennsylvania had upheld a lawsuit filed by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, regarding the legality of some ballot papers in the presidential election.

The newspaper pointed out that the lawsuit targeted the ballot cards of voters who did not confirm their identity within 6 days after the vote, that is, until November 9, as the state minister, Katie Bukfar, had previously extended this period until November 12.

“The court rules that the defendant does not have a channel in her position as state minister to send directions to the Circular Electoral Commissions to change the expiration date of the final period to confirm the identity of some of the voters,” Republic Judge Mary Hannah Levitt said in a ruling.

The newspaper pointed out, however, that Trump’s victory was “intangible” because it included a few ballot papers that had not yet been recorded in the census.

The data available so far indicate that Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, former Vice President, is winning in Pennsylvania over Trump by a difference of about 54,000 votes.

Although the official results of the US presidential elections have not yet been announced, current data indicate a clear victory for Biden, who has so far received 290 votes from the delegates of the 538-member electoral college, while Trump has confirmed that he does not intend to admit his defeat before Ensuring “fair counting” of votes, and his team has filed lawsuits in a number of core states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Source: “The Philadelphia Inquirer” + agencies


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