US President Donald Trump on the balcony of the White House

A White House spokesman confirmed that Donald Trump did not appear on Tuesday to the Oval Office, contradicting what an adviser to the US president had said earlier. Trump’s behavior, the day after his discharge from the hospital, where he received treatment for his Covid-19 epidemic, is being followed closely at a time of increasing infections among White House workers, including journalists.

“The president wanted to be in the Oval Office on Tuesday, but he didn’t show up and worked from his residence,” Presidential spokesman Ben Williamson wrote on Twitter.

And the President’s economic advisor, Larry Cadlow, confirmed earlier to “CNBC” that Trump “came to the White House yesterday (Tuesday) taking the utmost precautions regarding Covid-19.”

The White House indicated that preparations are underway to allow the president to return to his office in the coming days. Before leaving Walter Reed Military Hospital on Monday, his doctors stated that he had “not fully recovered yet,” stressing that they would not be reassured of his condition for a week.


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