The California State Attorney’s Office said that a 44-year-old doctor has been on trial for fraud and breaking the law after a family of 4 sold a drug that he claims can “achieve medical miracles” and cure them of the corona, according to what US “Forbes” reported.

The prosecutor said that Ryan Styley sold a family of four a drug for $ 3.995 after he claimed it was “supernatural” when in fact the drug was made of “hydroxychloroquine” and cost the doctor $ 1.

Hydroxychloroquine“, which was previously used to treat people with malaria, caused widespread controversy around the world regarding its effectiveness in facing the epidemic caused by the coronavirus, but studies concluded after that that “there is no evidence that it is useful in treating people with corona and does not prevent death.”

Forbes quotes the prosecution as saying that Stily smuggled quantities of hydroxychloroquine powder from China after agreeing with a Chinese supplier and presenting it to customs authorities as extracts of the yam plant that may be used for (alternative) medicinal purposes.

And the outgoing US President Donald Trump said after he was infected with the Coronavirus last May that he had received doses of the drug “hydroxychloroquine“, despite the medical warnings related to it.


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