7 Amazing Innovations at Consumer Product Fair
Consumer Products Fair is one of the most important technological events in the world

The CES Consumer Product Fair in Las Vegas is one of the most important technological events in the world, and although most of the products on display at the conference are impressive, some other shows are a bit strange.

Here are some of the weirdest techniques that first appeared at this year’s Consumer Product Show. This list is not exhaustive and is not in a specific order.

1.MOFLIN… A pet with artificial intelligence.

Moflin is an “Artificial Intelligence Robot” developed by Vanguard Industries, where this little pet robot has emotional abilities that can evolve like “real” animals.

It covers fine fur and makes nice noises. “We have taken a nature-inspired approach and developed a unique algorithm that allows Moflin to learn and grow by constantly using his interactions to constantly identify patterns and evaluate his surroundings through his sensors,” says his creators.

“Moflin will choose from countless sets of sound patterns to respond and express his feelings. Simply put, it’s like you’re interacting with a living pet.”

2.Typewise keyboard for new generation keyboards

Another interesting concept featured at this year’s Consumer Product Show is the TypeWise keyboard. Developed by Typewise AG, it is described as the “next generation” in keyboards.

According to its creators, this new keyboard design was created specifically to increase productivity while also protecting privacy on smart devices. It comes with an innovative honeycomb-shaped layout specifically designed to allow thumb writing, reducing typo rates by up to 80%.

3.GoSun’s Flow. A fun way to purify water
Go Sun Flow is another unusual technical innovation, using the sun’s power to purify and sterilize water.

It’s practical and can be easily placed in a normal-sized backpack. According to its creators, the high-efficiency device that uses solar energy is capable of eliminating 99.99% of all pathogens from water.

It is capable of pumping about one liter of water per minute and can also function as a portable hand washing station, hot shower, and source of drinking water from anywhere in the world with a source of water such as rivers, lakes, and ponds.

4.WowCube is a far cry from traditional

WowCube Entertainment System, introduced by Cubios, maybe one of the strangest entertainment systems ever.

It is ostensibly similar to a Rubik’s cube. This innovative entertainment system combines mixed reality with a concrete interface to take 3D puzzles to the next level.

This helps to increase interaction with video games by tilting, twisting and shaking the device.

The patented technology, the unique CubiOS operating system and a single digital cube surface consisting of screens transform wowcube into a cube that you distort, tilt and exploit for games, learning and content.

You can play many games, download new games from the App Store via Bluetooth, and develop new games and apps.

5.Moxie. Designed to help your child learn

Embodied has developed Moxie, a small device that helps build social, emotional and cognitive skills through play-based daily learning and sharing content developed in partnership with child development and education experts.

Designed by a team of experts in child development, engineering, game design and entertainment, Moxie incorporates sophisticated algorithms to bring it to life. This educational game is capable of recognizing, processing and responding to natural language, and can even recognize visual communication, facial expressions and other behaviors in your child.

Moxie, the developers say, can identify and call people, places, and objects.

6.Samsung innovates solar remote control

Samsung has unveiled a solar-powered remote control. The device, designed to work with its latest OLED TVs, can be recharged using indoor or outdoor lighting.

It’s an innovation that many have been waiting for, as Samsung proudly claims, “the brand’s first innovation. This will help prevent waste from 99 million expected batteries over 7 years. To create the remote control, Samsung has devised a manufacturing process that increases the use of plastic from recyclable bottles, including 24% of recycled content.”

7.Make sure you’re familiar with this “smart” fragrance
Another strange piece of art that was exhibited this year at the exhibition is The NINU. According to its creators, this patented fragrance is “the first of its kind in the world” and allows users to customize their scent using the AI-powered app in just a few clicks.
Contains high-quality fragrance water, and is integrated through the app with other types where it allows you to combine 3 different high-quality fragrances in one high-tech design to enable the user to find and play the right scent.


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