Sean Connelly

The press briefing by Sean Connelly, the White House physician, yesterday, Saturday, about the developments in the health of the US President, was devoid of information described by the American press as “essential.”

The absence of this information raised many speculations about the veracity of the account issued by the White House, especially since there are sources close to media agencies who opposed the doctor’s statement.

There are four questions that the observers are asking. They believe that the answer to it may dispel some doubts.

Did the president suffer lung damage?

When asked if the president’s lungs had suffered any kind of damage or damage as a result of infection with the virus, Conley refused to confirm or deny this, and responded, saying: “We are following it all. We do an ultrasound (s) daily. We do a daily laboratory (tests). The team is tracking it all. ”

When pressed by journalists, he added, “I will not go into details about what the results are related to.”

The importance of the state of the president’s lungs lies in the ability of Covid-19 to cause damage to them, which may lead to the death of the injured in his worst-case or weaken his ability to carry out his daily tasks normally even after recovery from the virus in other cases.

Of course, this is also a “political issue,” not just a medical one.

How hot was the president?

When Conley was asked about the president’s temperature, in particular, after previous reports “about a fever before he was transferred to Walter Reed Military Hospital,” the doctor said: “I prefer not to give any specific numbers, but he had a fever from Thursday to Friday, and since Friday morning it has not been Suffering from any fever. ”

The high temperature for a long time is among the dangerous symptoms of the virus and the extent of its infection, and it may cause the patient to hallucinate or delirium, which could lead to Trump’s ability to make high-level decisions as President of the United States of America.

Did he support the president with extra oxygen?

Conley repeatedly insisted that the president was not placed under the supplemental oxygen supply device during the press briefing but did not clearly respond to reporters’ questions about whether the president had ever needed it.

“No (extra) oxygen on Thursday. Nothing at this moment. Yesterday with the team, while we were all here, it wasn’t on (the) oxygen,” Conley said. Conley’s answer does not go into Friday, the day sources close to Trump told US media that he was provided with additional oxygen.

Severe lack of oxygen in the body can lead to brain or heart damage, or a patient into a coma and dies.

When did Trump contract the virus?

Journalists tried to find out exactly when Trump had contracted Covid-19, which Conley eluded in answering him, saying: “We will not get into that. We are only following his treatment course and providing the best possible care.”

In particular cases of Covid-19 infection, doctors try to know the timing of the infection to warn everyone who came into contact with the patient and conduct tests for them, especially since Trump contacted hundreds of people prior to his test, which came positive.

Is it treated with steroids?

Conley ended his press briefing without answering his last question about whether Trump was being treated with steroids, drugs used in high-risk COVID-19 cases.


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