3 French policemen arrested after assaulting a black man ... Video
French policemen

Three French police officers were suspended from work, on Thursday, after being beaten by a black music producer, similar to the case of the American George Floyd.

The issue arose when the “Loopsider” website published pictures showing a black man named Michel being beaten by two policemen at the entrance to a music studio in Paris.

Also in the CCTV footage, policemen were seen entering the studio, grabbing the man and then punching him, kicking him, and hitting him with batons.

“We repeatedly called me a filthy nigger and beat me,” said Michel, when he came to file a complaint with his lawyer at the headquarters of the National Investigations Police in Paris.

He continued in front of the press: “The people who have to protect me attacked me (…) I did nothing to deserve this. I just want the law to punish these three people.”

For her part, the lawyer for Michel Hafiza Al-Ali said: “If we did not have the videos, my client would be in prison now.”

Paris Attorney General Remy Hitz ordered an investigation as soon as possible, saying: “This is very important to me and I have been following it personally since Saturday.”

The policemen wrote in their report on the incident, on Saturday, that they had intervened to arrest Michel for not wearing a muzzle. They wrote that, while trying to arrest him, he dragged them by force into the building.


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