Violent confrontations between Armenian separatists and the Azerbaijani army continued Monday morning in Karabakh, as officials in the disputed region announced the killing of 32 Armenian separatist militants.

A spokesman for the Armenian Ministry of Defense said in a statement that “violent confrontations continued during the night,” while officials in the Ministry of Defense in Karabakh confirmed the killing of 28 militants, which raises the death toll among armed separatists to 32 since the confrontations broke out on Sunday.

The European Union warned against external interference in the ongoing conflict in the Nagorno Karabakh region, condemning the “dangerous escalation” that threatens the stability of the region.

The spokesman for the European Union’s foreign affairs, Peter Stano, said that Brussels was unable to confirm the reports that foreign powers were involved in the conflict, but stressed that “any outside interference in this conflict is unacceptable.”


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