2021 Grammy Nominations

The nominations for the Grammy Awards 2021, for this year, witnessed many surprises and shocks for many music fans around the world, and the final list of nominations for the sixty-third session revealed records in the career of some artists and stars, led by the international star Beyonce, who came to the throne of nine nominations. Awards for this year.

The final list of Grammy nominations 2021 came with many surprises, the forefront of which was the record set by Beyoncé, the 39-year-old, who came to the top of the nominations throughout history with 79 nominations to become the most nominated woman for the Grammy Awards.

2021 Grammy Nominations
Beyoncé sits on the throne with 79 nominations in her history

The list also saw fans of the popular Korean band BTS, which participated in the Grammy Awards nominations for the first time in history as the best performance.

Global superstar Beyoncé, who won nine nominations, was followed by international superstar Taylor Swift, world star, Rudi Rich, and world star Dua Lipa, who won six nominations each, while Brittany Howard got five nominations for her solo debut in the most famous competition in music history.

The final list of nominations included a great surprise for fans of the global star The Weeknd, who has not been nominated for any award throughout his history, despite his great success throughout the year with his new album and song Blinding Lights, which approached the barrier of 300 million views within several months of its launch.


And the surprises did not stop at the world star The Weeknd, who was excluded from the Grammy Awards. Neither the international star Selena Gomez and the world star Halsey were nominated for the 2021 Awards, which caused a great shock to their fans from around the world.

Global superstar Billie Eilish was also nominated to win the 2020 Grammy Award for her song in the upcoming action movie No Time to Die, starring world star Daniel Craig, despite the film being postponed for next year due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus and fear of a drop in revenue.



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